1. Photography: Sarah Kinslow

    Model: Mary Wagner

    Designs: Alex Wallace

  2. Photographer: Sarah Kinslow

    Designs: Amanda Martinez

    Makeup & Hair: Lung Ung

    Model: Brianna Nolan

  3. Editorial “Midnight Princess”

    Designs by Lung Ung


  4. I’ve always been amazed by the women’s figure and how it can be portrayed in such extreme ways (ranging from highly sexualized to slightly animalistic to very matronly).  In this series I explored the shape of the female figure in my own way.

  5. This photo won me Gold in the Illustration category of College Photographer of the Year. 

    "An abused girl takes a bath to try to wash away the memories of violent incidents in her past.  The shock and awe of the photo is meant to inspire people to take a stand against all types of physical abuse.

    This photo was created through manipulation in Photoshop.”